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processing Spain Long Stay Visas

A Long Stay Visa for Spain is a permit to enter and remain in Spain for a period longer than three months. It enables its holder not only to reside in Spain, but also to perform several activities, which the Spain Schengen Visa prohibits.

Long Stay Visa for Spain is also known as the Spanish Long-Term Visa or the Spain National Visa (D Visa). In this article, you can learn everything you need to know to apply for a Spain long-term visa. Find below if you need this visa, all the application procedures, requirements and more.

Who Needs a Spain Long Term Visa?

If you are planning to travel to Spain and remain here for a period longer than three months withi...

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Full guide to processing a Spain Student Visa

i will  be guiding You on how  to get a Spanish Study Visa

  • Take or extend studies in an authorized teaching center, to obtain an official degree.
  • Carry out research or training activities.
  • Participate in exchange programs for students in any educational or scientific, public or private, officially recognized centers.
  • Perform non-work placements.
  • Carry out volunteer services as a student.

How to Apply for a Spain Student Visa?

The application process for a Spain Study Visa can often be complicated, requires a lot of energy, and a lot of documents to be collected. That is why, when you put so much effort on it, you want the outcomes to be positive.

Even if you have everything ready, but you apply too early, or too late, or at the wrong place, then the outcomes will not be very pleasant...

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processing a Spanish visa

There are a few procedures you may need to complete before coming to Spain. One of these procedures is getting a visa.

A Spain visa is an authorization to enter Spain and remain there for a particular amount of days. It is usually in the form of a sticker, affixed to one’s passport. The type of visa you apply for defines the activities you can perform while in Spain.

To get a Spain visa you will need to meet several criteria, complete a few procedures and most probably pay a fee.

Types of Visas for Spain

According to the length of your stay in Spain, there are two main Spanish visa types:

  • Spain Schengen visas. The Spain Schengen Visa is a short term visa for Spain that gives the right to its visa holder to enter Spain, and remain there for a maximum of 90 days within a 180 day period...
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