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Getting Health Insurance in germany

Getting Health Insurance

Before you apply for the Freelancer Residence Permit, you likely have to get some sort of private insurance plan because statutory insurers might not accept to enroll you.

If you have applied for a visa to enter Germany, you should already have a health insurance plan, but it might not be sufficient to apply for the Freelancer Residence Permit. So for the period of time from entry to Germany and until you receive the permit, you have to get an expat health insurance plan for freelancers Germany, which is private.

Then, once you have gotten the residence permit and are considered a full, legal resident of Germany, you can enroll un...

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processing a Germany Long Stay Freelancer Visa

With a freelance visa in Germany, you can work with different startups, businesses or individuals on a need-based and part-time contracts

To be self-employed in Germany, you will need a so-called Germany Freelancer Visa.

This type of visa has risen in popularity in recent years, although the road to getting one is a long and often frustrating process of German bureaucracy.

What is a German Freelancer Visa?

As the name suggests, the German Freelancer Visa allows you to live in Germany and work as a freelancer. The overall “visa” is divided into two components:

  1. Freelancer (Entry) Visa. This is a National (D) Visa, which you have to apply for at the German Embassy where you live...
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