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Cyprus Residence Permit

Any foreign national who wants to live in Cyprus has to obtain a Cyprus residence permit.

The Cyprus residence permit is what allows foreigners to legally live in Cyprus for longer than three months. Before you get the residence permit, you must get an entry visa depending on your purpose of travel, such as a student visa or work visa.

You have to get the visa in your country of residence and after arriving in Cyprus, apply for the residence permit.

There are two types of residence permits for Cyprus:

  • Cyprus Temporary Residence Permit
  • Cyprus Permanent Residence Permit
  • Cyprus Immigration Permits

Cyprus Temporary Residence Permit

The Temporary Residence Pe...

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Cyprus Work Visa and Permit Application

Complete guide to applying for a Cyprus work permit and visa

If you want to work in Cyprus, you must obtain a Cyprus work permit – unless you are a citizen of an EU member state.

Cyprus is one of Europe’s fastest growing economies, and living and working there comes with a host of benefits. You would enjoy an international working environment and one of the lowest tax rates in the EU. The pleasant year-round warm climate and the cultural background of the Mediterrenean island are just bonuses.

If you want to relocate and work in Cyprus, you will need:

  • A Cyprus Work Permit, which your employer has to apply for in Cyprus while you’re still in your country of residence (authorization to work in Cyprus)
  • A Cyprus Work Visa, which allows you to enter Cyprus with the purpose of long-term...
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