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One Visa For Multiple Countries

What Are the Multiple Country Visas?

Here are the visas that allow you to visit multiple other countries:

  • The Schengen Visa.
  • US Tourist Visa.
  • US Green Card.
  • Canada Visa.
  • UK Visa.
  • Central American Single Visa.
  • East African Tourist Visa.
  • KAZA Univisa.

Countries you Can Visit With a Schengen Visa

Naturally, the first on this list is the Schengen Visa.

The Schengen Agreement includes 26 European countries which have abolished visa requirements and border control checks. As such, if you obtain a Schengen visa, you can travel between all the countries included in the Schengen Agreement.

However, many other non-EU countries have also entrusted the Schengen vi...

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