How to Make money online using YouTube in 2022

looking for how to How to Make 6 figures using YouTube in 2022 then this is your complete guide

YouTube comes with endless possibilities but most of all money. Thats a language we all understand and obviously the reason while most people will read this post ” they want to make six figures :)”.

well i would have liked to used my self as an example to show how many views/money in a month one can  using youtube. But just as you can tell 1 millions views i just about one percent of the views made by youtubers like PewDiePie, Jeffree Star, and Dude Perfect rake.

But if you look closely above you will see a hike in my views recently, and I am going to share with you the methods I use


The YouTube Partner Program

First off you will need to join the youtube partner program

The concept is very plain; you join Youtube’s partnership program and earn advert revenue by video advertisement during, or after your videos.

You consent to run Youtube advertisement before, during, or after your videos. according to the king of audience you have you will choose the kind of ads that suites them

one your account has been approved youtube will show adverts to viewers of your content and the revenue from  google will be splitted beween you and youtube, 45% for YouTube and 55% for the creator.

For instance: lest say you have a youtube channel where you post videos on how to play the lead guitar, and as you should know already many people come to youtube daily to learn something. there are advertise who have products related to the lead guitar and this advertiser pay google lets say 1 dollar to advertise their products and/or services, google will show this adverts before, during or after you videos plays in the viewer becomes interested in the averts and clicks it, then automatically you have earned $0.55 while youtube keeps the remaining $0.45 for themselve.

Step 1: Start a YouTube Channel

Well youtube is a video streaming website so to be there you definitely need a channel to be able to upload your own video content , creating a YouTube channel is as simple as creating a gmail account we, we are not going to be be discussing that in this post though but just in case you need a little guide on creating a youtube channel google has a guide here

Step 2: create Meaningful video contents

ones you channel is ready, you will need to login to the Youtube Studio( an application for video creators on youtube, it has a whole lot of features that makes youtube channel management more authoritative )  one mistake most new youtubers do is trying to post on their channel what ever they love. in the long you will come to discover that youtube is different from Fb (obviously right :)). but I mentioned this here because unlike the first where you can post an amazing video of someone signing,new day another video of a vehicle, next day a dog breed that you love. youtube does not work that way.  see your YouTube channel more like a tv channel, you have an area of specificity (Natgeo wild is for animals, Bet for music Etc)

Once your viewer discover that you are consistently posted about a particular niche, they will begin to trust you and their trust will gain you subscriptions, notification subcriptions and in turn youtube will begin to believe in you and recommend your videos to more new viewers(this concept is known as YouTube SEO, we will dicuss that in a later post)

Head up: it gets A little bit uncomforting in the first few weeks (sometimes month) of posting you first 1,2,3,4 of 5 videos, you may not be getting up to a hundred views. it happened to every single successful youtuber out there today except youtuber who promoted their blogs in some ways. so you should not be discouraged, what you should do is probably concentrate on creating useful and amazing videos, in the long Run it will pay off.

Many people often search for “how to” on youtube be it how to get more youtube traffic, how to get more subcribers on my youtube etc if you are just starting with vloging i will recomend you start with tutorials(how to videos). again don’t forget you have to concentrate one particular niche


Step 3: The YouTube Partner Program approval Requirement 

When youtube first launched the YouTube Partner Program everyone had a youtube channel was allowed to join, but soon people started abusing the system so google had to put some measure in place to cub this abuse whic is now called  YouTube Partner Program Eligibility Requirement

These requirement are subject to change, however at the time this post was made below are the applicable requirements.

  • You must have had up to 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months( this mean that you videos must have been viewed for up to 4000 hours, which means if all the videos in you channel sums up to 2 hours, you will need 2000 people to have watched it from the very beginning to the very end)
  • You need atleast 1000  people subscribed to your channel
  • you have be an adult(Above 18 years of age)

Twelve month here does not mean you account has to be up to one year old, if your channel can have 4000 watch hours in the first month of its inception, you are equally eligible for the program.

Step 4: link an AdSense account to your YouTube channel

once you have been able to meet the requirement in step 3 to above then you can go ahead and  apply. on approval, the adsense accont will be like your acount number, it will show you real time earning, viewer location click counts and Etc. Take you time to fill out the application form though make sure the details you enter are your details and that they are correct, as any mistake make cause conflicts.

On approval. there a number of ways to earing using your channel and AdSense account

  • YouTube Red (Premium) Revenue: whenever a YouTube premium account subscriber watches your videos, you will get a little part of their subscription too
  • Channel Memberships: channel memberships requires that you have up to 1000 subcribers, but since its part of the requirement for getting approve lets assume that you already have, member gets a little bit dicey because if you have just 1k subcribers and you want to do the channel member, it will kind of distract you, in you quest to provide you channel members with videos you may loose the time you will use to post video’s for regular subscribers. channel member bring more money year but it will make more more if you have thousands of subcribers.
  • Ad Revenue: For ads to show you need to turn on ads on YouTube. this is just permitting google to show ads on your channel, and when this is donn ads will be live, and show in your videos, then the concept of CPM(cost per thousand) comes to play, to determine how much you make per thousand views
    • Launch Your Merchandise Shelf: You may need above 10,000 subscribers to launch a merchandise shelf on your channel. with this you can sell products directly on your channel right below your videos, just like an  eCommerce website.
    • Super Chat and Super Sticker: this is a future that allows users to pay to be seen in your live streams by paying for  “super chat” or “super sticker” so that you see them. , use this guide to set this up

Step 6: Keep the youtube terms and conditions 

Once your channel grows and you’re making money, the sky becomes the limit for your channel. while youtube wont mind paying you some dollar every month, it still has the interest of the viewers in mind, youtue does not like Spam/Deception, sensitive content, banner ads, violent/dangerous content, misinformation, or regulated goods while creating videos. You can read all about their guidelines here.

Don’t Forget About YouTube Premium Subscribers

AdSense can pay quite alot itself, keep in mind that YouTube has a premium subscriber feature . If  you’re able to get these subscribers to your channel  you’ll make way more  income from it. Many YouTubers don’t pay attention to this opportunity,  maybe in order to concentrate on regular subscribers but you can’t do a lot to target these unique users.

2. Build a Blog to Compliment YouTube

YouTube is nice for creating a  brand to build fanbase , drive lots of conversions, and hike  business revenue.

blog, the concept of blogging should be a new storage by now, personally i have been blogging for about 4 year now, and i can tell you there a lot of money you are leaving  on the table  especially if you can write(type)

blogs like  9jaflavar has a daily view of about 300k and blogs are used payed on basis of CPC (cost per click), there quite many reason why a blog may make more money than a YouTube channel, depending of you traffic volume, traffic source, kind of content and etc. we’ll see a few way to to make some cash with blogging

How to Get Started

Step 1: Start a Blog

I would like to give accolades to google and blogging it self, so far blogging pays me more than my employer and the difference is quite much. In blogging alot of thing come to play SEO, traffick, Domain authority traffic source niche , alot of these concepts re related to a channel too, the major different is that while youtube is for videos streaming you blog basically contains text, picture.

To run a blog you will need a domain, hoting package and a CMS(content management system) there are a lot of content management system but the most popular is wordpress.

if you can set up a blog, get a freelancer to do that for you, its a one time procedure, once you blog is setting you will need to update as often as you can, post new contents related to the niche/brand you have created.

Heads up: These days blogging as well as vlogging is very competitive to stand a chance of being seeing the first page of google search you may have to prove to google that you are to stay and you are a serous minded person by making regular post

Step 2: Post your blog Url and Post on your youtube channel

When you blog is set up the next thing to do is to share the post you have already written to your youtube, this is how you can do this

  • Give more details about a videos in a blog post, share the post link description of the post
  • Share to download link to a meterial already published in your blog
  • put your blog Url(website name) in your videos

The key thing a blog will do for you is create a bigger image of your brand in the mid of your viewers, they can always check out your blog for quick guide in a case they need some quiet.

On a large scale mail marketing is among the best ways to increase revenue from your viewers  Studies shows that for every $1 spent, you’ll see a return of $36.

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