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making money with your google account

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an advertising program that allows you to make money on Youtube videos, blogs and websites. Companies pay to advertise their products, and you get a share of that money as your website or YouTube appear in the ads. You can set up an account with Google Adsense for free.
How Much Money Can You Make From Google Adsense?

The money you earn is measured in Cost Per Click (CPC). It’s the money you get when someone clicks on an ad on your website.

For example, 2000 Views Received This Month, 1.5% Of These People Clicked Ads Which Is 30 Clicks. If The Company Knows That (Bid) Of 75 Cents Per Click, You Will Receive $ 22...

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The 7 most gorgeous private chalets in Europe

The favourite chalet spots to stay in over ski season

Cowbells, reindeer rugs and hearts carved into bunk beds were once enough to charm the European ski set. But now a different breed of skier, one stirred by that sweet intersection of traditional, earthy materials and avant-garde architecture, is jetting into the mountains – and privacy is as high on the agenda as piping hot tartiflette.

Here are Europe’s most gorgeous private chalets to hole up in for the winter ski season.

Ferme Fougere

Take a traditional Alpine farm and retune it to the pitch of rustic cool. That’s what the owners of this 1825 farmhouse accomplished with the guidance of Voza Development...

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The foreign music videos were better than our locally produced ones

The foreign music videos were better than our locally produced ones. Despite hits such as: Nico Mbanga (Sweet Mother), Osita Osadebe (Osondi Owendi), Oliver de Coque (Boni boni identity), Mandy Brown (Taxi driver), Onyeka Owenu (One Love), Lorine Okotie (His love is that medicine), Charly boy (Before Before) Chris Okotie (ABC), Evy Edna Ogoli( Happy Birthday), Felyx and Mozes( Free), Felix Liberty(Ifeoma), Stella Monye (Nigeria go survive), as seen in one of my articles “The blossoming Of The Nigerian Music Industry”, artistes failed to make the desired impact in the International scene, based amongst other things on the colossal deficient video quality account.

The 90’s era was not dramatically better than the 80’s, probably the mid 90’s when the genre of music towed the path of rap / hip...

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